Introduction to Bioinformatics

This website uses current genomic and proteomic databases to look at the basics of Life and Quasi-Life from the point of view of a gene. The tutorial emphasizes finding and comparing information about a gene by exploring its link to a disease, its DNA structure on a chromosome, its RNA structure during transcription, its protein structure, its occurrence in diverse organisms and what this teaches us about evolution.

This introduction consists of a sequence of topics and an exercise for each of these topics. The tutorials guide you through the bioinformatic topics based on a selected gene (or a protein, or an allele, etc.) and then helps the visitor to replicate that effort with a particular gene (or protein) of their choice.


Quick Access Links to major data bases and common bioinformatic tools.
Tutorials Learn the basic operations at NCBI.
Help files Find easy to follow links to help files and tutorials at NCBI and other public web resources.

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