Gene Expression

Gene expression is the process of reading genetic information and building proteins and RNA molecules for the cell to function. The primary tool to understand global - or whole genome - expression of genes are DNA microarrays. Microarrays are tools to understand the genetic active state, or transcriptom, of an organism. The 'transcriptom' reflects the genetic underpinnings of an actual physiological or cellular process at any given moment in the life of an organism or cell. Microarrays are also used to test genotype and polymorphism of genomes of individuals (in the case of human genetics) or strains of infectious microorganisms. As such, microarrays are novel diagnostic tools to test the genetic conditions of individuals rather than populations.

Here at SciScript we have extensive experience with the genotyping of viral genomes and analysis the transcriptom of various animal cell lines used to study cancer and immunology. This work is based on collaboration with researchers at The Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California.

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