Our Competence is Your Empowerment

Mission Statement

SciScript is a onsulting firm located in San Diego, California, by advancing the understanding of biotechnology and nutrition science.

Our Vision

At SciScript, we recognize that when it comes to staying healthy by eating right or preventing and curing disease through food supplements, medicinal herbs, or pharmaceutical drugs, it is instrumental to neither loose sight of the big picture nor the individual facts.

Our Business

Facts taken at face value can be right, wrong, or incomplete. How does one know? At SciScript we can help you achieve your personal goals and safe you money by putting to work information you already have acquired at often substantial costs. We help you increase your productivity by assessing the value of the information your health and your business depends on. SciScript uses statistical information management that helps you base your decisions on the best information available. Discover a new level of effectiveness for yourself and your business by managing information essential to your goals. Information management empowers you to decide which information to trust and what information to retain or discard.

Our Values

SciScript is committed to scientific excellence, competency, and integrity. We support science literacy and education website whatislife.com.

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