Here you will find information about food and health based on scientific information. Why would we need scientific information at all? Science teaches us about calories and chemical structure of nutrients, the importance of minerals and vitamins, antioxidants and functional foods, the glycemic index, essential fats and amino acids, and how a balanced diet can prevent disease. A scientific approach to food teaches us about risk factors and the benefit of exercise. Recently, the new science of nutrigenomics brings information how our genes influence our choice of food and how food affects our health.


A healthy life style is easy to maintain and is inexpensive through eating right and working out. Fresh vegetables and fruits, rice and potatoes, eggs and milk. And walking, walking, walking. We don't need scientific knowledge to stay healthy, yet science helps us understand the relationship between what we eat and how it affects our life. Here you will find dietary guidelines and information about the benefits of food groups and how to read nutrition labels and the food guide pyramid.


Believe in the healing nature of food With ever more bits of information, it does not get easier to live a healthy life style. Keeping track of and find an optimal balance of all the important ingredients is difficult. We analyze every component for its benefit and danger to our health. Each disease seems rooted in bad nutrition, so many supplements promise immediate and enduring health. What can we do? And more importantly, what should we expect - from science, from food companies, from tradition, from ourselves?


"Nutrition: West meets East" is a book by Bob A. Rashidi and Lukas K. Buehler. In their book, the authors discuss both traditional and modern scientific views of nutrition, food, and health spanning 4,000 years of civilization from ancient Greek and Persian medicine to modern food guide pyramids and medical risk factor analysis. The book contains many useful tables on nutrient composition of commercial food items as wells as medicinal use of food based on Chinese traditions.

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