Food and Health

We all have to eat. Food is central to our social life and for our health. Lack and overabundance of food cause health problems; vitamin and mineral deficiencies, obesity, and heart disease. As a nation, we struggle with chronic diseases even while trying to eat smart. Low fat diets have not prevented the obesity problems we are facing today. Now we reduce carbohydrates only to replace them with too much protein.

Dietary Guidelines

Dietary recommendations are becoming increasingly complex and confusing. Relying on single nutrients to solve imbalances has short term benefits only to cause problems if used for too long or at very high doses. Read about the proper use of dietary guidelines and nutrition labels.

Food Guide Pyramids

The food guide pyramids are holistic diet recommendations for healthy people. They respect cultural preferences, but do not address weight control regimens for people trying to loose or gain weight, or overcome an illness. Thus, they do not include information about dietary supplements.

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