Nutrition: West Meets East

by Bob Rashidi & Lukas Buehler

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Nutrition - West Meets East Trafford Publishing
November 2002     


Nutrition - West meets East by Bob A. Rashidi and Lukas K. Buehler, Ph.D., is an exploration of both traditional and modern scientific views of nutrition, food, and health. Technical advances consummate our modern lives and yet we often demand simple, commonsense advice. Such advice is given in this book.

This book explores the relationship between food, health, and tradition. In Asia the concept of cold and warm food is known for over 2000 years. This idea says that being sick is the result of an imbalance of cold and warm humoral qualities of the blood. To get healthy, the balance has to be restored. This is done by properly balancing cold and warm foods. The book presents a history of this traditional concept and how it compares with nutritional science.

Many pages of tables give information about which foods have cold or warm humoral quality to restore a balance promoting health and improve physical performance. This information is supplemented by tables of nutritional values of food items and explains food guidelines including food guide pyramids and recommended dietary allowances found on food labels.

208 pages; perfect bound; catalogue #02-0804; ISBN 1-55395-090-9; US$19.95, C$25.95, EUR16.90, £11.70


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