Nutraceuticals are plant products also known as phytochemicals and sometimes called medicinal botanicals hinting at the link between modern nutrition and alternative medicine. Nutraceuticals, as their name suggests, play an increasingly important role in what is a gray area between nutritional supplements, medical herbs, and pharmaceuticals.

Nutraceuticals & Functional Foods

Nutraceuticals are components that may reduce the risk of a disease or treat a disorder. Nutraceuticals may be found:

1. As natural component    e.g. lycopene in fresh tomato.
2. In processed food      e.g. lycopene in catsup or salsa.
3. As fortified or enriched food    e.g. lycopene added to fruit juice.
4. As supplement   e.g. lycopene in multivitamin/mineral package

Nutraceuticals are functional foods, food products that are marketed for their positive benefits to human function of healthy individuals helping them improve cognitive and physical performance. As they are not considered pharmacological agents or drugs, they are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


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